Smartlink | MobiCash, a new Smartlink partner
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MobiCash, a new Smartlink partner

Smartlink and Mobicash launch a new partnership to address the consumers’ needs for more convenience and security in the form of a Joint Development Partnership on the deployment of mobile payment servicing common market places to assess needs, share resources and coordinate the development of state-of-the-art mobile payment technology infrastructures.

The MobiCash cashless platform brings ease of access for banking services and electronic payments to the South African population at large.

MobiCash’s partnership with Boloro, a fast-growing mobile payments network brand, allows small scale retail businesses to offer secure, consumer friendly, handset agnostic, merchant initiated payments using MobiCash multi-factor biometric authentication together with Boloro’s secure pin authentication that uses Network Initiated USSD messaging. This ground-breaking project is a first of its kind in South Africa.

International growth

The announcement takes place just a few days after the appointment of  Ann J. Camarillo as MobiCash’s next Group Chief Executive Officer. Camarillo, who currently serves as board member, will succeed Patrick G. Ngabonziza the company’s Chairman and current Group CEO.

Camarillo served in Belgium as CEO of Maestro International, the largest global debit card network, and CEO of Cirrus, the largest global ATM network.

About MobiCash

MobiCash is a mobile financial service provider that offers a financial services platform for multifunctional mobile payment solutions, an entire range of digital products and has developed authentication technologies for e-Banking, Banking & Payment Services, including but not limited to certain products for multi-banking and secure transmission of data and certain protocols for the exchange of information. To support its MobiCash Services, MobiCash Group has, among other things, acquired Central Banks licenses and is deploying a worldwide network dedicated to mobile remittances delivery.

Around MobiCash’s financial transaction platform, there are many opportunities to define and integrate value added services (VAS) like agent banking, money-remittance, merchant payment, social grants, salary bulk payment, e-commerce, lottery, micro-insurance, e-tickets, airtime, tax collection, etc…