SMARTLINK Wins Big in London

SMARTLINK is pleased to announce that the company won the Industry Choice Award at the Contactless & Mobile Awards in London, presented by VISA. The Geneva-based technology firm was chosen among top m-commerce firms from Europe, North America and Asia.

The event brought in significant competition as it recognized global acceptance for contactless and NFC technology by large industry players. The win by SMARTLINK helped to boost the company’s profile, reputation and credibility.

After the results were announced, SMARTLINK managing director Eric La Marca stated, “It’s an honor to be in the same league as so many other great companies. Thank you to the Smartlink team and our customers who logged on and voted for us. We endeavor every day to build upon our new construct for mobile payments and hope our efforts will allow us to play a role in the future of commerce. We have worked very hard on our project and we will continue to do so.”

SwissOne Mobile Wallet

The product that won the online vote was the company’s SwissOne wallet, a MasterPass-based mobile platform that enable users to digitize credit cards into any device and use that equipment to both pay both on and offline. The offline feature of SwissOne, which allows customers to pay at retail “point-of-sales” using NFC technology, was the real innovation that separated SMARTLINK from other entrants.

SwissOne further benefits from SMARTLINK’s spectrum of commerce-boosting solutions. This mobile wallet is capable of managing custom value-added services, such as loyalty programs or mobile ordering for in-store pickup. The company was rewarded for its effort to encourage collaboration between different value chain players in the contactless business.

Jean-Jacques Elong, Co-Founder and Director, further commented, “Winning this award is wonderful news, but what’s greater, in my opinion, is knowing that we are having an impact.”

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